Workplace Solutions: 7 Creative Ideas for a Less than Ideal Workspace

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    You have just moved your business and you find, when you move in, that it is not the most ideal space for your company. Whether you have just started your business, or you have just moved your business out of the basement, moving to a less than ideal workspace can be disheartening and annoying. However, there are ways you can make your workspace more enjoyable, efficient, and productive. Here are 7 creative workplace solutions for a less than ideal workspace:

    1. Hide/Decorate Your Cables

    Every office will have cables and wires – it is the only way you have the electronics that make the business run smoothly. However, having cables running from one end of the room to the other and all along the floor is ugly and dangerous. Hide your cables using something like a box to hide the cords under the desk, a drawer, etc. Or you could decorate with your cables and make some fun wall art instead of hiding them. You can see other cable storage ideas here.

    2. Use Fake Walls or Japanese Screens

    If your new office space is just one giant room, and you need some walls for a more productive work environment, you can use fake walls or Japanese screens to create the separation needed without any heavy-duty construction work.

    3. Lots of Light

    When you go in to a movie theater and the movie starts, the lights go down. When you sleep, you turn the lights off. And when you want to relax at home with a T.V. show, most people dim the lights. You do not want your office space to be associated with too much rest, relaxation, or sleep. This is why you should make sure the office has a lot of light. Bring in nice natural light by opening the blinds/curtains, make sure the light bulbs are bright enough, and bring in extra lamps if you need to. Just make sure the office is well-lit.

    4. Bring in Plants

    Did you know that according to this site, “plants significantly lower workplace stress and enhances productivity by 12%”? Sounds good! Bring in some leafy greens and let the plants do their work by alleviating stress. This is particularly helpful when you are working in a less than ideal space.

    5. Comfortable Seats

    You do not want your employees to be uncomfortable. Even if the workspace isn’t the best, you should spend the money to ensure you and your employees are comfortable. This will help with stress levels and work performance. You also want to make sure you have comfortable couch/seats for guests.

    6. Comfortable Temperature

    Not too hot, not too cold. Finding that perfect temperature is so difficult! Why? Because everyone in the office probably have different ideas of what perfect temperature means. Try to keep things a little on the cooler side if at all possible, if it is too warm it will make employees sleepy, groggy, or worse – sweaty. Then, for those who get cold easily you can buy some small space heaters for their desks/work areas.

    7. Arrange, then Rearrange

    Arrange the office the way you think it will work best. Then after a week or two ask employees what they think of the layout and whether or not they have any ideas for improvement. It is ok to arrange, rearrange, and then arrange again, just as long as you find the right setup in the end.

    Though it may not be the perfect space; you can make it work by following the above tips, adjusting, decorating, and keeping your office space clean, bright, and happy.

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