Top 4 Reasons Your Office Needs A Space Planning Design Team

On the surface, designing an office space seems simple. After all, it should not be too difficult to balance efficiency, functionality and aesthetic into a space that speaks to your corporate reputation. However, once delved into, it becomes clear that office design is not as simple as it sounds on the surface.

Trying to balance your corporate image with the needs and wants of employees is a difficult, and often frustrating one to strike. Rather than sacrificing peace of mind, many are now turning to professional Space Planning Design teams to work on their spaces. Here are four reasons why you consider doing so as well:

1) Enhances your productivity

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a space planning design team is that it reduces your workload, and helps you be more productive. The team works closely with you and/or your chosen architect and design firm to create a space that is both attractive and efficient. Rather than worry about the nuts and bolts of how the office space will work, the team takes care of that. Moreover, the team is focused on planning your office space in a way that complements your corporate image, and boosts productivity for everyone around. You can hand over the reins to your space planning design team and let them help you create a visually appealing workspace that is functional while still in keeping with your corporate image.

2) To keep or not to keep that furniture? Let the team help you decide

Another troublesome aspect of office space design can be furniture. Is it better to chuck it all and start anew? Or design a space with your current furniture in mind? But then, how do each of these options work out from a cost standpoint? These questions are stressful to deal with, and it is another way that you can stand to benefit from hiring a space planning design team. One of the services offered is a Furniture Inventory Analysis. This is basically a process that verifies what your existing inventory consists of it, and then compares it to your objectives. The process can then specify and recommend furniture that should be kept, and what needs to be replaced. Utilizing this service helps you stay fresh and current with your office design, and helps you declutter a space to pave way for better pieces. Plus, the inventory will further aid you in keeping track of your furniture so you can better understand what to replace and what to keep down the line.

3) Provides you with ways to visualize your office space

Another services offered by business space planning design team is computer aided drafting. This is done by utilizing Giza software – a specially designed furniture specification tool. The software aids in producing a wide variety of methods to best help you visualize your new space and see it come to life. The space planning design team produces floor plans, isometrics, elevations and installation drawings – all of which serve to help you understand how your space is coming together, and make changes as necessary. Being able to visualize a work environment is key so you can gauge comfort and form while keeping in line with your corporate image.

4) Helps maintain consistency

Another facet of office space design is establishing, and maintaining consistency throughout the office. Trying to differentiate yourself without upsetting the overall corporate image is a tricky balance to strike. However, a space planning design team can be a boon in that regard. One of the key services offered is a Corporate Standards Program – this consists of establishing standards, colors, signage, fabrics and styles to remain consistent throughout your company. Rather than dealing with the headache of making sure that everything is aligned aesthetically to your corporate image, the space planning design team takes care of that aspect and leaves you free from that stress.

To learn more about space planning design and how it can help your office space, please do not hesitate to contact us!