Things to Consider When Storing Office Furniture

There are several things business owners should consider when storing office furniture. Maybe you’re relocating to a new city, or perhaps you’re renovating your existing office. Regardless, there are times when business owners need to store their furniture — at least temporarily. Before doing so, though, you should consider the following.

What Material is the Furniture Made of?

If your office furniture is made of wood, you’ll need to take extra precautions to protect it from damage. Tossing wooden desks, chairs, bookcases and other furniture into a storage facility could result in moisture damage. This is because wooden furniture contains thousands of small holes, which absorb moisture vapor from the air. If wooden furniture is exposed to 60% or higher relative humidity (RH), it may warp or even rot. And don’t assume that storing wooden furniture in an excessively dry area is any better. If the RH is below 40%, the wood could crack.

Is the Storage Area Climate-Controlled?

It’s always a good idea to store office furniture in a climate-controlled facility. Whether it’s made of wood, metal or plastic, maintaining a suitable temperature and humidity will protect your furniture from damage. Granted, wooden furniture is more susceptible to damage from extreme temperatures and excessively moist/dry air, but the fact is that all furniture will experience some damage when stored in poorly controlled climates.

How Long do I Need to Store it?

You should also consider the length for which you need to store your office furniture. If it’s just for a day or two, you might be able to store it in an open closet. If it’s a week or longer, though, you probably want a separate storage facility that’s away from your office.

How Far Away is it?

Assuming you are storing furniture temporarily while you renovate or make other changes to your existing office, you should choose a storage location that’s within a reasonable distance to your office. Once the renovations are complete, you’ll have to go back and retrieve this furniture. So, if you store your furniture 50+ miles away, moving it back into your office could prove difficult and time-consuming.

Is the Storage Area Secure?

Thieves will steal just about anything, and office furniture is no exception. When choosing a location to store your office furniture, make sure it’s secure. A good storage facility should feature a gated fence, video surveillance cameras, and manned security patrols. These measures will protect your furniture from theft.