Planning a New Office Design? Read this First.

Some people assume that office design affects nothing more than an office’s aesthetics, but this isn’t the case. The way in which an office is designed affects many elements of the workplace, including workers’ energy levels, productivity, efficiency and overall satisfaction. Before you delve into a major redesign for your office, however, there are a few things you should know.

Traffic Paths

One of the first things to consider when planning a new office design is traffic paths. In other words, how will workers make their way around the office? Most major redesigns will affect traffic paths to some degree. Perhaps workers will have to take a new route to reach their desk from the elevator, or maybe they’ll have the option to take a new, alternate path to reach their desk. Ideally, you should design your office with a focus on simple and efficient traffic paths to maximize productivity.


Something else to consider when redesigning your office is lighting. All offices — and workplaces for that matter — need ample lighting to function. If you redesign your office in a way that restricts or otherwise limits lighting, it could backfire by hurting workers’ productivity levels. Make lighting a priority in your office design, using a combination of both artificial and natural sources to illuminate the space.


A good office design should also offer plenty of storage space. Unfortunately, this is something that many office managers overlook, believing they can “add storage later.” Granted, you can always add extra file cabinets and other storage solutions to your office, but incorporating them into your office design initially helps to create a more cohesive environment in which all of the furnishings and elements flow.

Comfort and Ergonomics

We can’t talk about things to consider when redesigning your office without mentioning comfort and ergonomics. Poor ergonomics costs employers billions of dollars in lost productivity each year. Such problems are easily prevented, however, by creating ergonomic workstations, complete with high-quality desks, chairs with lumbar back support, and correct placement of furniture.

What About Modular Layouts?

Of course, one of the most popular and trending office designs is a modular layout. As explained in a previous blog post, modular layouts offer greater flexibility by allowing for the addition or removal of walls, storage and/or furniture. You can quickly and easily change your office design with a modular layout. It’s this unmatched level of versatility that make them such a popular choice among office managers and corporate executives.