Picking up the Trash: Tips to for a Cleaner Office

Maintaining a clean office is easier said than done. When you’re busy running through the typical 9-5 to grind, cleaning is probably the last thing on your mind. Besides, how much of an impact does a clean office really make?

The Importance of Maintaining a Clean Office

Well, there are many reasons why workers should keep their office clean, one of which is to improve mood and morale. Studies have shown the environment in which an employee works directly affects his or her mood. When employees are exposed to dirty, cluttered working environments, they tend to experience higher levels of stress. In comparison, employees who work in clean, clutter-free environments have improved focus, more energy and a general better mood.

You might be surprised to learn that maintaining a clean office can even boost worker productivity. According to a study conducted by Center for Facilities Research and co-sponsored by the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA), a dirty working environment distracts employees while subsequently lowering learning and productivity. This problem is easily avoided, though, by picking up the trash, putting away the clutter, and placing items where they belong.

How to Keep Your Office Clean

So, what steps can you take to keep your office clean and tidy? Check out the following tips:

  • Set up recycling bins in the break room for plastic and aluminum.
  • Designate a worker to clean the refrigerator every so often (once per week usually works).
  • Outsource the task to a professional office cleaning agency. There are dozens if not hundreds of cleaning companies that specialize in commercial office settings. You can rest assured knowing they have tools, manpower and experience to clean your office with greater efficiency.
  • Tackle the dirty areas. There are certain areas in the office that are dirty than others. This usually includes elevator buttons, doorknobs, telephones, bathroom sinks and vending machine buttons.
  • Maintain clear paths of traffic. If there’s one area in the office that you don’t want to see cluttered, it’s the pathways. Make sure they are clean and free of debris/obstruction at all times.
  • Office managers should provide workers with file cabinets or other storage solutions for paperwork. Piling paperwork several feet high on a desk is not a long-term solution.

The bottom line is that all businesses should put forth the effort to keep their offices clean. If every employee pitched in and did their part, cleaning would be surprisingly easy.