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VMI Furniture Solutions is a licensed and fully insured systems & office furniture installation company located in Chesapeake, Virginia. Our team is ready to help with your project! 
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Core Capabilities Our professional systems furniture installation staff can assist with:
  • Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment Installation (FF&E)
  • Furniture Cleaning & Service
  • Furniture Systems Installation
  • Project Management
  • Re-Configuration
  • Re-locations & Internal Office Moves
  • Wall-Mounting
  • Warehousing 
Company Designations
  • DUNS Number: 116985399
  • NAICS: 238390
  • SAM Registered
  • SBA Registered
  • SWaM/DMBE/Micro #809603
  • Veteran Service Disabled
Partial List of Projects
  • CITY GOVERNMENT: City of Newport News, City of Hampton, City of  Chesapeake, City of Norfolk
  • CORPORATE: Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Maersk, USUI International, Suntrust
  • EDUCATION: Tidewater Community College, Christopher Newport University, Hampton University, College of William & Mary, Virginia Wesleyan
  • FEDERAL: Ft. Eustis Army Base, Norfolk Naval Station, NAS Oceana, Langley AFB, JEB Little Creek Amphibious Base, US Coast Guard Portsmouth
  • MEDICAL: Hampton Veteran Affairs Hospital, Medical Examiner’s Office Norfolk, Sentara
We welcome sub-contracting. Team with us to meet your small business goals.
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Dorm Furniture Installation: What You Should Know

There are many benefits to living in a dorm: students are typically within walking distance to their classes, cleaning services are included, there’s video surveillance and other security measures, and students don’t have to worry about paying utility bills. Perhaps this is why more than 2 million college students live in dormitories. But living in […]

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5 Safety Tips to Follow When Moving Office Furniture

Moving office furniture isn’t just stressful, it can be downright dangerous. According to the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), back pain is the single most common cause of worker disability, costing Americans more than $50 billion each year (that’s only direct costs). If you aren’t careful, you can easily throw out your back while moving heavy […]

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Benefits of Office Furniture Reconfiguration

Performing a complete reconfiguration of your office furniture is no easy task. According to CoreNet Global, the average size of the modern-day office will measure 151 square feet per worker. So if your office has just two dozen employees, that’s more than 3,600 square feet worth of space! Trying to design your furniture in a […]

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Things to Consider When Storing Office Furniture

There are several things business owners should consider when storing office furniture. Maybe you’re relocating to a new city, or perhaps you’re renovating your existing office. Regardless, there are times when business owners need to store their furniture — at least temporarily. Before doing so, though, you should consider the following. What Material is the […]

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6 Tips for a Smooth Office Relocation

Is your company planning to move its office in the near future? Planning ahead can make this otherwise stressful and time-consuming process just a little easier. So, check out the following tips for a smooth office relocation. Take Inventory Before loading your office furniture into a truck or van and heading to your new location, […]

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Are Open Office Designs Fading?

That’s what some experts are saying. In an open office design, there are no cubicles, modules or other partitioning walls. Rather, all of the desks, chairs and furniture are arranged in an open environment. Such designs offer a few notable benefits, such as ease of setup and the ability for workers to communicate with one […]

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How to Create a Green, Eco-Friendly Office

Want to “go green” in your office? You don’t have to complete renovate your office to create an Eco-friendly environment. Making just a few small changes can yield BIG results. So if you’re looking to create green, Eco-friendly office, keep reading for some helpful tips. Switch to Energy-Efficient Lighting One of the easiest ways to […]

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