Office Humor: 5 Memorable Office Pranks

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    Practical jokes are a kind of ritual in the office workplace. A good prank is something that can lighten the mood, and keep morale running high. However, it’s not always easy to judge when a prank is in good taste, and when it will cross the line. Which is why it’s a good idea to think carefully about what kind of pranks you’re going to pull, and then to review this list of mostly harmless jokes to liven up your office. These pranks are brought to you by Mike Michaelowicz, Mashable, and Entrepreneur.

    Office Humor: Office Pranks That Never Get Old

    #1: The Talking Copier

    We live in a world of ever-advancing technology, and it seems like every time you turn around there’s some new gadget that’s become the new standard. So, you send a memo to the office that is ostensibly from management (extra points if you actually are the manager), and inform everyone that your printers have been switched over to voice activation. You need to lean in closely, and use a soft, clear voice. Extra points if you hide a baby monitor near the printer, and put the listening end somewhere that other employees can hear.

    #2: A Track Ball April Fools

    This one is simple, non-destructive, and it doesn’t waste a lot of time. You simply take a sticky note, write April Fools on it (or whatever appropriate message you can think of), and put it on the bottom of your co-worker’s mouse. The note renders the track ball useless, and as long as the sticky note isn’t poking out around the edges, your co-worker won’t get the prank until he or she picks up the mouse to look at the underside. An alternative version of this prank is to steal the track ball, but you need to be ready to hand it back as soon as the prank is discovered in order for it to keep being funny.

    #3: Getting it on Tape

    Double-sided tape is one of the most unique materials you can use for an office prank. The most common is taping a phone handset to the cradle (for those offices that still have landline phones). Once it’s in place, call your co-worker, and watch as the whole phone instead of just the handset lifts up. Double side tape can be used on a mouse, on a mug, or on anything else that shouldn’t be stuck to a desktop. Make sure you keep some Goo Gone on hand to get rid of the residue.

    #4: The Phantom Paper Clip

    This one will drive your co-worker’s nuts. Scan and print an image of a paperclip in an otherwise blank piece of paper. Then, make a dozen to two dozen copies of that page. Put the papers back in the paper tray, and wait for your co-workers to start copying. They’ll start losing their minds wondering where the paper clip in the middle of their page is. At least, that is, until someone finally clears all the pages from the tray.

    #5: The Booby-Trapped Chair

    Taping an air-horn to the bottom of an office chair is one of the most common pranks out there, but it still works. For those who are looking for something a little less disruptive, though, try swapping a can of air freshener for the air horn. It’s harder to detect with your ears, but the smell gives it away that something is up. If you’re looking for something a little more subtle, try a remote-controlled noise maker, so your co-worker really has no idea when the sound will come.

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