How to Turn an Architectural Wall Installation into a Recipe for Success

Collaborative work spaces, open office designs and changes to the functions of your space frequently call for the installation of new walls. Should you stick with the conventional drywall? When remaining on the cutting edge and being a thought leader in your niche calls for a consistency of innovation, your recipe for success should include an architectural wall installation rather than a reliance on the setup of drywall sections.

Top 3 Benefits of an Architectural Wall Installation

What is wrong with drywall? In a word: everything. Architectural walls vary from tall to short, modular, movable or show up as self-standing interior partitions. As your work space needs evolve, so do the wall configurations. Organizational changes demand a new set of offices today or a central collaborative hub for team meetings and brainstorming sessions tomorrow. Respond with ease.

When you add a large number of temporary workers for a particular project, you quickly need a walled off section for the work they do. Once the project is over, you want to accommodate the new employees you chose to retain from the pool of temps. Once again, it is time to reconfigure your space to allow for the addition of workstations. The advantages are clear.

  1. Save money. Ordinarily, the need for new space configurations calls for the investment in tenant build-outs. When you have exceeded your lease agreement’s allotment, you are on the hook for the expenses. Architectural walls are less expensive, movable and therefore reusable.
  2. Save time. Can you afford the downtime that comes with drywall installation and the subsequent cleanup?
  3. Stay local. For many companies, the need for variable work space allocations calls for a move into a larger facility that allows for the various spatial setups concurrently. But when you do not need them simultaneously, you are paying for square footage that sits empty. Stay in your building, pay for the square footage you need on a consistent basis, and enjoy the flexibility of adapting your work space to suit your needs as they arise.

Combine Functionality with Aesthetics to Wow Clients and Retain Workers

It is widely known that retaining your top talent requires a superior work space design approach (in addition to a host of other factors). Clients do not feel welcomed into a packed space that presents boxes stacked from floor to ceiling. For this reason, an architectural wall installation is your best bet. A number of manufacturers offer you several attractive options.

  • AllSteel specializes in frame-less glass walls. If your office building is a premier example of a space that thrives on glass and chrome, drywall is the last thing you need in your office suite. Movable glass walls support a modern work environment that brings plenty of flexibility to your office. Reconfigure your setups as needed. Open work space designs that nevertheless want to afford a muffling of sound usually favor this approach. Workers will appreciate the natural light that the glass walls allow into the space.
  • Herman Miller offers pre-wired walls. De-mountable walls, products featuring framed glass with acoustical properties and surfaces that contain the pre-wiring you need to plug in and go are just some of the products that this manufacturer presents. Choose this option for a no-nonsense approach that is quick to install.
  • Steelcase understands privacy needs. The HR Department or the office where you discuss sensitive deals is not a good candidate for being open and accessible to peek into during business hours. When you select a Steelcase product, you have the opportunity to bring framed, glazed glass walls into your space. Painted steel is another option.

When you are ready to turn your dysfunctional work space into an example of functionality and beauty with innovative wall products, we speak your language. Contact us today to get started on your project.