How to Increase Office Productivity – Includes Psychology Brain Hacks

Did you know that your mind works against you? Psychology has shown us that the human brain continuously takes the easy way out. When presented with something challenging, we as humans almost always want to avoid it.

This can be observed in our everyday life from getting out of bed on time, eating the right foods and our productivity in the office. Given the choice, would we choose to be ultra-productive in the office or take an easier way out? You probably already know the answer. The best way to increase office productivity is to use our understanding of human psychology to hack your brain into doing what you want.

#1 – Know that you will Never Feel Like Being Productive

Have you ever dreaded doing something but then once you got started you realized it wasn’t bad at all and doing it actually made you feel better than before? Everyone has and that’s because we go through that everyday as human beings.

It is hard to hear but you will never feel like being productive. You can’t wait for the day your brain suddenly gets inspired and motivated to be the productive, successful person you know you are. That day will only come when you realize you already are that person, you just don’t feel like doing it because you are holding yourself back. You may have spurts of motivation and be feeling good about what you are doing in given moments but there will always be times when you doubt yourself or want to regress. The quicker you realize that your brain will always want to take this easier way out, the faster you will hack your brain into doing what you want.

If you still don’t believe me, watch this TedX video – how to stop screwing yourself over.

#2 – Declutter your Office and Make Organization a Priority

Organization makes us feel good and clutter makes us overwhelmed. Feeling overwhelmed is a good way to push yourself into regression, rather than productivity. You will start to feel a tugging at your core that maybe being productive in the office today isn’t a good idea and maybe you should just browse Facebook or Craigslist. Clutter has a way of making us feel down and anything we can do to avoid that is a good decision.

#3 – Do What you Hate at the Beginning of your Day

With any job, there are going to be things you dread doing. By doing these things at the beginning of your day, you knock them out early and don’t sit around thinking about having to do them for the rest of the day. Doing what you hate at the beginning of your day frees your mind, which allows you to be happier and more productive for the rest of your day.

#4 – Stay Positive, Remember your Assets and Focus

If you are ever doubting your ability to do something work related, remember to stay positive. Think about your assets and all of the things you are good at. Try to remain as focused as possible and not let your mind drift to any negative thoughts. Self confidence is a skill, not something you are born with. You have to believe in yourself because nobody else is going to believe in you until you do. We are all capable of productivity and it’s our self-talk and positive reinforcement of self that will help us achieve this. You can watch another TedX video – the skill of self confidence to remind yourself of this.

#5 – Stop Multi-Tasking and Free your Mind

Focusing on one thing at a time will help you get more done. At the office, there are already enough distractions. If you have co. workers, they are bound to consume some of your attention and balancing that between internet distractions is a lot on your plate as it is. When working, stick to one thing at a time and free your mind to focus only on this one task. Once you are done, you are bound to have completed it well and to the best of your ability and you can move onto the next task of your day.

If you are having trouble focusing or are struggling with repetitive thinking or negative thoughts, try meditating. Meditation is one of the best practices for learning how to silence our minds.

Office productivity can be dramatically enhanced by changing the way you think and approach your job. There are also small changes we can make to our office to increase our ability to be productive. If you have any questions on office productivity, please contact us.