Furniture Storage Tips to Prevent Damage

Buying a new set of office furniture isn’t cheap, but you have to think of it as an investment in your business’s future. It creates a more functional workplace, improving productivity and efficiency (among other things). So, if you need to store your new office furniture — whether it’s for days, weeks or months — you should follow a few basic precautions to protect it from damage.

Choose the Right Storage Facility

Not all storage facilities are made equal, and it’s important to choose the right one when storing office furniture. Check to make sure the storage unit is climate controlled, meaning there’s a system in place to regulate both the temperature and humidity. Fluctuations in either the temperature or humidity can cause serious damage to furniture, especially wooden furniture. Wooden furniture contains pores that release and absorb moisture from the surrounding atmosphere. If you store a wooden desk or table in a humid basement, the excess moisture will settle into the pores where it contributes to rot and decay. As long as your furniture is stored in a climate-controlled facility, you shouldn’t have to worry about this.

Place on Rugs

Before hauling your office furniture into a storage facility, spread a few area rugs across the ground. Why is this necessary? Well, rugs will protect the bottom of your furniture from damage, while also making it easier to move the furniture in and out. When wooden furniture is placed directly on a concrete floor, the bottom of the legs may get scratched up — a problem that’s easily prevented by using rugs.

Take Care When Moving

If you plan on moving the office furniture into storage yourself, use caution to ensure it doesn’t get knocked around. Alternatively, if you plan on hiring a professional moving company to move the furniture into storage, make sure you choose a reputable company who stands by their work. You can even check to see if the moving company offers insurance, which can further protect you from financial loss if the furniture is damaged.

Cover with Moving Blankets

When storing office furniture, cover them with old blankets, quilts or moving blankets. Even a thin layer of fabric will prove invaluable in protecting your furniture from scratches and other forms of damage. If you don’t have any blankets on hand, check with the facility where you’re storing the furniture. Most self-storage facilities sell moving accessories, including blankets.