Dorm Furniture Installation: What You Should Know

There are many benefits to living in a dorm: students are typically within walking distance to their classes, cleaning services are included, there’s video surveillance and other security measures, and students don’t have to worry about paying utility bills. Perhaps this is why more than 2 million college students live in dormitories.

But living in a dorm doesn’t come without its own set of challenges, including furniture installation. With a very limited amount of space, students must selectively choose their furniture, focusing on pieces that are absolutely necessary.

Bunk Bed or Desk-Bed Combo

One of the best furniture solutions for a dorm room is either a bunk bed or desk-bed combo. If two students are sharing a room, a bunk bed allows for maximum use of the available space, freeing up other space in the room. An alternative to a bunk bed, however, is a desk-bed combo, which features a raised bed over a desk/study area. It’s a simple setup that’s become increasingly popular in college dormitories.

Choose Tall Furniture

When choosing furniture for a dorm room, look for tall pieces that extend up the ceiling. Rather than short and wide furniture, it’s better to choose tall and slim furniture. It’s not a bad idea to measure the height of your dorm room ceiling first, after which you can choose bookshelves, dressers, chest of drawers, etc. that reach this height.

Keep Pathways Clear

Don’t make the mistake of cluttering the pathways with unnecessary furniture. If you and/or your dorm mates are forced to walk around furniture just to enter and exit the room, it creates poor energy that ultimately hurts your efforts to achieve a functional dormitory. Pathways should be clear and free from obstruction; otherwise, you’ll need to go back and rearrange the furniture.

Toilet Space Saver

A toilet space saver is an excellent storage solution for dorm bathrooms. Its basically a tall shelving unit with an empty area at the bottom. The space saver goes over the toilet, allowing for additional storage space in the bathroom.


Don’t underestimate the important of lighting in a dorm room. Without lighting, you’ll struggle to use this area for studying and other related academic activities. Floor lamps are always a viable solution, assuming there’s enough space. Although another idea is to install a hanging light fixture. Of course, you should check with the college administration beforehand to determine what modifications are allowed in your dorm.