Choosing a Self-Storage Facility for Office Furniture

There are approximately 50,000 self-storage facilities operating in the United States. These facilities live up their namesake by allowing individuals and business owners to store their belongings in a safe, secure and convenient unit. So whether you have a single desk or an entire floor’s worth of office furniture, you should consider using them. But […]

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“Boots To Business” – Service Member Testimonial (Pamela Murphy, VMI Office Solutions)

Transition GPS – Entrepreneurship – Service member testimonial (Murphy)   Service members pursuing self-employment in the private or non-profit sectors will receive information related to the benefits and challenges of entrepreneurship and the steps required for business ownership through the SBA “Boots to Business”, Entrepreneurship Track. Once Service members have completed the Entrepreneurship Track, they […]

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The Ultimate Project Management Checklist!

Project management is the art and science of achieving a specific goal while planning its various stages, controlling the contributions of those involved, and meeting benchmarks along the way to ensure success. If this looks a bit like a juggling act, you are not mistaken. In fact, there are plenty of schools of thought when […]

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