Can I Repurpose Old, Unused Office Furniture?

Absolutely! Just because an existing piece of furniture in your office is old and outdated doesn’t necessarily mean that it can’t be used. There are ways to “repurpose” office furniture, giving it a new use. So before you haul off your old office furniture to the dump, see if you can repurpose it using one of the following methods.

Reupholster Office Chairs

If you have one or more office chairs with torn, faded or otherwise damaged fabric, consider having them reupholstered. This is done by removing the old fabric and replacing it with new fabric. For the price, reupholstering an office chair is typically cheaper than buying a new office chair, even if you hire a professional reupholstering company to perform it.

Refinish It

Desks, tables, benches and similar office furniture can be refinished to achieve a new look. Here’s a scenario to consider: your company is moving into a new office complex where black is the primary color. Unfortunately, your existing office furniture is brown. Rather than replace all of your furniture, you can refinish it with a black coat. Simply strip off the old finish, sand/buff it down, and paint over with a black paint. Congratulations, you now have the perfect furniture for your new office!

Turn Desks Into Message Boards

If you have an old office desk that it simply battered beyond repair, perhaps you can turn it into a message board. After removing the legs and any other attached pieces, take the desk surface and mount it to the wall. Now, you can either leave it be or paint over it with chalk paint. If you choose the latter, you’ll have a large chalkboard to use in your office. Pretty neat, huh?

Recycle Filing Cabinets

You can put some extra cash in your pocket by recycling filing cabinets and other pieces of metal office furniture. Depending on just how many pieces you have, recycling can be quite lucrative — more so than simply throwing it away at the dump.

Donate It

Of course, you can always donate your old office furniture as well. If you aren’t able to use it, and have no intentions of selling it, why not donate it? There are dozens of nonprofits and charity organizations that will gladly accept your used office furniture. You won’t make money by donating it, but you may receive a tax-deductible receipt that can offset the cost of doing business.