Brightening Your Day with Office Humor

Let’s face it. None of us really want to be stuck inside all day at the office. Unfortunately, unless you have a rich uncle somewhere, this is the reality for just about all of us. But, what you may not know is that your day doesn’t have to be completely boring. Instead, there are some pretty fabulous ways to bring some simple office humor into the mix.

Humor in the Morning

Starting off the day with a little humor is one of the best ways to get up and running so that you will have a productive day. Business leaders can actually get in on this action to by allowing a little bit of humor into the office.

For example, start the day with a little office humor by holding some unique contests during the week. This could be something like a hula hoop contest, or a game to see who can pick up the most paper clips with a pencil. Even if people don’t want to participate, they will have fun watching those who do.

If you can’t get management on board, bring a little humor of your own. Where a funny tie, unique belt buckle or crazy socks, on occasion. Just make sure you fit in with the dress code first. If you are feeling extra spunky, bust a move in the elevator as you are riding up in the morning.

Humor at Lunch

Getting some humor in around lunch is a great way to bust up the day and prepare you for the afternoon. This is also another time of the day where you can get your co-workers involved. Build some paper airplanes and have a contest to see which one will fly the longest. Or, make some origami with your co-workers. These are both great ways to break up the monotony and have a little fun.

Swap funny stories with your co-workers or read some funny office related news stories you’ve run across. These types of things are easy to find and people love them. Before you know it everyone in the office will be laughing hysterically and preparing to finish off their day in style.

Humor in the Afternoon

Nothing is quite as bad as having the afternoon lulls. Spice things up a bit by playing a team improv game. This type of game can help bring humor into the office but can also help grow the camaraderie and team spirit among the employees of the company at the same time.

If you really want to get involved with your other co-workers spend some time each day developing some stories about your place of employment. These should be funny stories that will get you laughing and enjoying the rest of the work day. You may even want to combine them altogether and create a book. Then you can look back on these memories in the future and enjoy the time you spent creating them.

There are plenty of ways you can incorporate humor into the workplace. Not only does it help you to have a fantastic day, but it can help make you more productive at the same time. Having employees who are in a good mood is one of the best ways to improve the overall success of the business as well as employee morale.

Of course, any type of humor you wish to add to the workplace should be clean and appropriate for all ages. So, make sure you are doing right by the management team. For any major acts of humor, make sure you get prior approval before you do it so you don’t get into trouble.

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