Benefits of Office Furniture Reconfiguration

Performing a complete reconfiguration of your office furniture is no easy task. According to CoreNet Global, the average size of the modern-day office will measure 151 square feet per worker. So if your office has just two dozen employees, that’s more than 3,600 square feet worth of space! Trying to design your furniture in a way that’s functional, efficient and safe in such a large space can be daunting. But there are several reasons why it’s a good idea to reconfigure your office furniture.

Greater Storage

Storage space is an invaluable commodity in the modern-day office. Regardless of your company’s industry/line of work, you’ll need space in which to store documents, supplies, products, etc. While you can always move to a bigger office, reconfiguring your current office furniture is an easier solution for greater storage space.


An office furniture reconfiguration also allows companies to create private areas for their workers. You can set up personal working spaces for workers, partitioning these areas with cubicle walls or modular components. Workers will appreciate the added privacy, as it eliminates distractions from their work space.

Present Your Company in a Positive Light

The way in which your office furniture is configured will affect its image. If your office has outdated furniture, or an outdated design, people will view your company as being outdated itself. A simple solution to this problem is an office furniture reconfiguration.

Improved Worker Productivity

Can an office furniture reconfiguration really improve worker productivity? Absolutely! According to a study of 7,600 office workers, 33% said office design influenced their decision on whether or not to work for a company. If the office was poorly designed, one-third of respondents would not work there. Other studies have revealed similar findings, suggesting that a well-designed office improved worker satisfaction and overall productivity.

Install New Furniture

Of course, you can also install new furniture when performing a reconfiguration of your existing furniture. There are probably some pieces you want to keep — and that’s okay. But if you have any furniture that you’d like to replace, you can do so during a reconfiguration.


Reconfiguring your office furniture offers the perfect opportunity to identify (and fix) safety hazards. Whether it’s exposed power cables, a sliding rug, or just an obstructed hallway, these things pose a serious risk to office workers. When you reconfigure your furniture, however, you can design your office with an emphasis on worker safety, eliminating common hazards such as these.