The Juggling Act: Building A Business While Raising A Family

You started building your business because of your family in the first place. You wanted to provide for them, and you were hopeful that with a business of your own, you’d have more money for all those important family activities: vacations, and bonding time, and entertainment. There’s just one problem: it seem as though you never have time to enjoy any of those things! Building a business while raising a family isn’t easy, but with a few key guidelines, you can enjoy all the biggest benefits of both your business and your family without letting either one fall through the cracks.

Set a beginning and an end to your work day. You own your own business, so you’re able to set your own hours. Unfortunately, those hours are often long ones, requiring you to spend so much time at the office that you feel like you never see your family. To help decrease this effect, try setting concrete start and end times to your day. That means that in the morning, you drag yourself out of bed and get to the office just like you’re still punching someone else’s time clock. In the afternoon, however, you have permission to pick up and head home to your family when your work day is over. When you own your own business, there will be days when that isn’t possible: a crisis that has to be dealt with, a project that’s nearing its deadline, or a client who has to be seen immediately. Make sticking to those hours a priority the majority of the time, however, and you’ll be able to watch your family benefit. Your business will also benefit from you being away from it periodically. You’ll do some of your best creative thinking when you allow yourself the freedom to do other things.

Take regular vacations. No, your business isn’t going to run itself, but chances are, you have employees who can keep things running for a few days. Even if you’re a one-man (or woman) show, however, sit down at the beginning of each year and dedicate at least a week to a family vacation. You don’t have to go anywhere to make it a memorable occasion, but getting away from your house will give you the opportunity to reconnect with the members of your family. When you return to work, you’ll be rested, refreshed, and ready to tackle all the work that’s built up in your absence.

Take a break for your family. Go out to lunch as a family, especially if you have older children who are out of school for the day. If you don’t have time for anything else or simply have to be on the premises, a picnic on the floor of your office will give you a little time with your loved ones without taking you out of reach. Take a few hours off in the middle of the day to go to important school events. Swing by an arcade or bowing alley immediately after school, even if you can only stay for an hour. Build these events into your regular schedule, and make them just as high-priority as work events.

Any day can be Take Your Kids to Work Day. Little ones won’t have much appreciation for the day-to-day workings of your business, but they can wander through the halls, play on your office floor, and rearrange your desk for you. Older ones can learn the family business and discover what place in it they might have as they get older. Simply spending the day with your children is a great way to connect with them, often opening up surprising and unexpected topics of conversation.

Looking for more information about growing your business while raising a family? Contact us today for more information. It’s not an easy job, but your family can thrive with your new efforts.