6 Tips for a Smooth Office Relocation

Is your company planning to move its office in the near future? Planning ahead can make this otherwise stressful and time-consuming process just a little easier. So, check out the following tips for a smooth office relocation.

Take Inventory

Before loading your office furniture into a truck or van and heading to your new location, it’s recommended that you take inventory. Go through your office and make a note of each piece of furniture that you own. Some experts even suggest using unique identifiers for your furniture, giving each piece a unique number. After you move, you can go back through your inventory to ensure it’s all accounted for.

Give Yourself Extra Time

Don’t wait until the last minute to move your office. As the adage goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry, holds true when moving to a new location. Hopefully, you’ll finish moving in a timely manner so your business can get back up and running. If it takes longer than expected, your business could be out of commission — at least temporarily. So, give yourself an extra day or two when performing the actual move just to be safe.

Provide Commercial Moving Company with Floor Plan

Companies have one of two options when moving their office to a new location: they can move everything themselves, or they can outsource the task to a commercial moving company. Not surprisingly, most choose the latter, as commercial moving companies have the tools, experience and expertise needed to facilitate large-scale office relocations in an effective and efficient manner. You can assist a commercial moving company, however, by providing them with a copy of your office floor plans, for both your current and future office locations.

Clear Pathways

You should also inspect your new office location before the move, removing trash, debris or other obstructions in the pathways. Not only will obstructions slow down the movers, but they can also pose a very real safety hazard. Check and then double-check to ensure that all pathways are clear of obstruction before moving.

Communicate with Movers

Arguably, the single most important tip for a smooth office relocation is to keep the lines of communication open with the movers. Let them know where you want your furniture, which direction it should face, which pieces to take first, etc.

Reconnect Cables and Wires Last

While many business owners and office managers are probably eager to plug in their office computers and start working again, you should wait until all of the furniture has been moved before touching any cables or wires.