6 Tips for Developing a Great Company Culture

Do you want your employees to be happy? Do you want a great company culture? Do you want fewer turnovers? And do you want the office to be a happy place where employees actually feel welcome, inspired, appreciated, helpful, and important? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, you have come to the right list. Here are 6 tips for developing a better company culture within your workplace:

1. Involve Everyone in the Cleanliness of the Office

If you have a janitorial staff that takes care of cleaning the office, that’s great. But getting everyone involved in the cleanliness of the office means giving everyone responsibility for the organization and the cleanliness of where they work. Keep bottles of cleaning solution, dusters, brooms, rags, etc. in the bathrooms, offices, etc. and encourage your employees and coworkers to clean up whenever there is a mess, or to organize and put things away when they are not in use. Making everyone responsible for the cleanliness of the office is a good way to bring people together. It is also a good way to make employees feel more personally involved in the look and feel of the office environment.

2. Invite/Encourage Open Communication, Thoughts, and Ideas

When employees do not feel comfortable communicating thoughts and ideas with their peers or their employers, there is a lot of lost creativity. Every person is different, and often that means they will have different thoughts, opinion, and ideas about how they should do their job and how the office should run. As an employer, it is your job to invite and encourage open communication so that you and your employees do not miss out on great ideas. Also, when employees feel comfortable speaking up they often feel more comfortable and happy at work.

3. Reward Great Ideas and Good Work

Reward does not have to mean a trip to Disney or a $100 bonus. You can reward good work and great ideas by acknowledging the work/idea, by thanking someone, by giving in-store credit, and even by telling other employees/coworkers about the great idea or work. Receiving praise, thanks, and rewards for great ideas and hard work makes employees feel appreciated and happy.

4. Ask for Feedback, then Act on it

Many, many, many companies ask for informative feedback when an employee leaves, is unhappy, or has an idea. But very rarely is that feedback actually acted upon. When at all possible, if you ask for feedback – act on it. Make a change, if someone is complaining or unhappy there is usually a very valid reason.

5. Hire Happy/Motivated People

When you are going through the hiring process keep an eye out for happy and self-motivated people. You can usually tell who is happy about their job and those who just go through the motions and complain the whole time. If you want a better company culture where people are happy, you should hire happy and motivated people. Happy people who smile and laugh more often are contagious – they make others happy and smile more as well. Make the workplace a happy place by providing more happy people.

6. Get Creative

Make a more fun and happy company culture by getting creative and trying new things. Try a daily meeting every morning to get everyone pumped and ready for the day. Try giving your employees a few minutes at the end or beginning of each day to talk about the business on social media. Try a company picnic or retreat. Just try something new and different and get creative.

If you have any questions about creating a better company culture in your office, please contact us today.