5 Things to Consider When Decommissioning Office Furniture

There comes a point in time when you must say “goodbye” to your existing office furniture. Whether you’re moving to a new location and simply don’t want to bring it with you, or if you’re looking to upgrade your office with new furniture. Regardless, there are a few things to consider when decommissioning office furniture.

How Much Furniture Needs to Be Decommissioned?

Take inventory of your office, checking to see how many pieces of furniture need to be decommissioned. If you have a small office with only half a dozen or so pieces of furniture, perhaps you can decommission them yourself. But if you have a larger office with dozens or even hundreds of pieces, it’s a probably best to outsource this task to a professional furniture company. They have the tools, experience and manpower needed to decommission large quantities of office furniture, both quickly and efficiently.

When Does it Need to Be Decommissioned?

If you’re on a schedule — and most businesses are — you probably want your office furniture decommissioned by a certain date. Postponing this task will only make it harder in the long run. So, consider when exactly your furniture must be decommissioned and relay this information to the company given this task.

Can I Resell It?

Rather than throwing your old office furniture away, consider whether or not it can be resold. Even if it’s used, many startup businesses and consumers are eager to buy used office furniture. You probably won’t receive the full retail asking price, but you can certainly generate some additional revenue by reselling your now-decommissioned office furniture.

Does it Contain Sensitive Information?

What type of sensitive information would used office furniture contain? Well, if you leave files behind in a desk or cabinet, it could certainly contain sensitive information — information that you probably don’t want others to see. Check your furniture for documents, labels, invoices and other sensitive information before sending it off.

How Will I Package and Transport It

Whether you plan to sell your decommissioned office furniture, dispose of it, or donate it, you’ll need to consider packaging and transportation. Again, this is a relatively easy and painless task if you only have a few pieces of furniture. If you have lots of office furniture, however, packaging alone can prove tedious, not to mention the actual task of transporting it. A professional furniture installation/decommission company should be used in this instance.