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5 Trendy Business Interiors That Spark Creativity In The Workplace

Business interiors today are a far cry from cramped cubicles that resulted in stiff necks and resentful employees. Nowadays, employers go to great lengths to ensure that the people working under them are comfortable enough so that their creative energies are never wasted or hampered by physical fatigue. Here are a few design ideas that inspire creativity and foster team spirit:

DIRTT Breathe Living Walls


At the office, it’s quite often that you see employees rushing about everywhere, pushed to their limits to meet deadlines panting to get a deep breath into their overworked, oxygen-deprived bodies. It’s imperative that they find a way to work around this. DIRTT breathe living walls are a fine way to breathe some life into a cramped office space. Literally, it’s basically a way to introduce some freshness and greenery into a stale, confined working area. DIRTT, already famous for their range of movable walls, has come up with a revolutionary idea to integrate plants into wall tile layers. The walls can be customized to meet the demands of business interiors to absolutely any shape or size. The general idea is to build walls where plants can be fitted into the tile layer. This is where your creativity comes into play. DIRTT green walls come in the choice of a single tile or a wall full of plants. The plants are potted into a soilless mixture before being attached to DIRTT walls, and have a unique watering mechanism so that no mess is made. Each plant-covered wall can be sustained up to five years or more.

Herman Miller Locale


It’s very important to bring about a working environment that promotes an easy partnership and team spirit among people collaborating together on the same project. With that in mind, the Herman Miller Locale designs an open office that helps the creative juices to flow. The Living Office open floor plan creates a clean working space where employees can freely move about unhindered by desks or chairs in their way. Long, low, modular Work base tables are placed conveniently against walls to house power cables and make the office clutter-free. They are available in a multitude of colors and surface detail among which Wood and Veneer, Laminate, Form coat, and Cushion are only a few.

Steelcase Campfire


The Steelcase Campfire line of trendy office furniture dispels dullness and lassitude on the most boring of working days. You have only to take a look at their tables or chairs before you are quite mesmerized by their smooth, clean surfaces, and beautifully detailed edges. The Campfire Big Lounge, for instance is a plush, modular multi-seat lounger available in two shades of upholstery, perfect if you need catch yourself a break and recharge your batteries for a few minutes in your hectic schedule. Join up two or more of these when you and your colleagues need a comfortable seating arrangement to discuss your next big project. The Turnstone Campfire tables brighten up the conference room and are a great way to generate dynamic business ideas. The work surface can be kept intact or split along the middle with a glass or plywood barrier. Finally, the Steelcase Personal Campfire table is a stylishly shaped modern accessory that speaks volumes about your Business interiors.

HON Huddle


The HON Huddle furniture line provides a holistic environment to the Business interiors by combing economy of space with ease of collaboration to relieve space constraint and maximize productivity. The huddle tables trendy range of work tables that can huddled together to facilitate the exchange of ideas among like-minded individuals. The tables come in a choice of steel or aluminum pedestals and are constructed out of plywood offering three different types of edge detail – T-Mold, Knife and Edge band. The legs are supplied with gliders that allow the tables to be wheeled across to anywhere in the room or joined up for a meeting between colleagues assigned to the same team, or lined up against the wall when they need to clear a free path.

Kimball Villa

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The Kimball Villa range of sofas and lounge chairs lends a luxurious touch to an otherwise drab office space. In fact, it proves to be that perfect kick start to your creative edge if it has been dulled by boring office meetings. A soft, sensuous series of lounges and sofa settings that are open to custom-design and reconfiguration, Villa Office incorporates into its line bench seats, couches, and armchairs with super comfy headrests and armrests that can be configured into multiple arrangements, and are bound to propel lax brains into cooking up creative business ideas. Come, relax, and put up your feet for a few precious seconds. You will feel rewarded for your efforts.