5 Commonly Overlooked Tasks When Moving Office Furniture

#1) Not Validating Floor Plans

Before moving into a new office, you should validate the floor plan. This means checking to ensure the layout in your new office is displayed correctly on the floor plan. Otherwise small and subtle nuances can have a big impact, as it may prevent you from moving your furniture in the desired location. Headaches such as this are easily prevented, however, by validating floor plans ahead of time.

#2) Taking Inventory of Current Furniture

You should take inventory of both your future and current office furniture. Unfortunately, many business owners and office managers overlook the latter. If you don’t take inventory of your current office furniture, however, you may have trouble moving it. Knowing exactly what furniture you have and how many pieces will make it easier to move. So before jumping head-first into a major office relocation, take inventory of your furniture, both existing and future.

#3) Not Planning for Liquidation of Old Furniture

How do you plan to get rid of your old office furniture? When moving into a new office, many companies upgrade their furniture. But if you plan to replace any of your furniture, you’ll need to plan accordingly for your old furniture. One of the most effective solutions is to liquidate old furniture. This not only gets rid of your old office furniture, but it also generates some revenue in the process. Granted, you can’t expect to a sell a chair or desk for the full retail price, but liquidating an entire office floor can certainly yield extra cash for your business.

#4) Inexperienced IT Movers

Whether you do it in-house or hire an outside company, only experienced professionals should attempt to move Informations Technology (IT) equipment. For many businesses, computers and other IT equipment are essential to their daily operations. But moving this equipment is a bit more tedious and complicated than moving a typical office chair or desk. As such, only experienced professionals who are familiar with IT equipment should attempt to move it.

#5) Not Measuring Doorways

As with any major relocation project, you should take measurements of the doorways at both your old office and new office. These measurements will allow you to determine if your furniture can squeeze through the doorways. If a desk is too big, you may need to either disassemble it or remove the door from its hinges. Either way, measuring the doorways can reveal this information, making your office relocation just a little easier and less stressful.