5 Safety Tips to Follow When Moving Office Furniture

Moving office furniture isn’t just stressful, it can be downright dangerous. According to the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), back pain is the single most common cause of worker disability, costing Americans more than $50 billion each year (that’s only direct costs). If you aren’t careful, you can easily throw out your back while moving heavy office furniture. So if you’re planning a move in the near future, follow these tips to stay safe.

Lift with Your Legs

The golden rule of moving is to lift with your legs, not your back. In other words, bend your knees until your thighs are almost parallel to the floor, at which point you can grab the furniture with your hands and lift yourself back up. This reduces strain on the back, protecting against pulled muscles and other back injuries.

Clear a Path

It’s always a good idea to clear a path before picking up and moving a large piece of office furniture. Whether you’re moving furniture across the room or from the van/truck up to the 10th floor, you need to clear a path first. Things like boxes, trash, tools, etc. should be removed so they don’t create a safety hazard.

Recruit an Observer

Even if you clear a path beforehand, you may still want someone to watch as you move the office furniture. This individual can warn of upcoming obstructions, check corners to ensure they are clear, and ask other office workers to stand out of the way. Not only does this protect you from injury, but it also protects those around you.

Measure Furniture and Doorways

Another helpful tip to prevent injuries when moving is to measure large furniture and doorways beforehand, checking to see if it will fit. Some people attempt to “muscle” their furniture through tight doorways and hallways. When you exert too much effort, however, you can increase the risk of physical injury. Keep a measuring tape, pen and pencil on hand when you move for this purpose.

Seek Help When Moving Heavy Furniture

You can probably move some office furniture yourself, without any additional help or assistance. Other pieces, however, will certainly require a second set of hands. When you come across a heavy and/ow awkward-shaped piece of office furniture, ask for help. Attempting to move it yourself only increases the risk of injury. And if you’re injured, you won’t have much success moving any additional furniture.